September 7 – Mindset for Success, a Business Development Seminar

September 7   – Mindset for Success, a Business Development Seminar –
Presenter : Judy Brinkman, Owner, Life’s 2 Short, LLC.
Town of Ballston Library: 8:00 – 9:00 am
Admission: $10.00
2 Lawmar Lane, Burnt Hills

A person’s mindset is one of the most important factors in determining
his/her success in any endeavor. All the business strategies and systems in
the world, as important as they are, are not going to help us succeed in our
businesses and our lives without a positive mindset.    How we recognize and
react to those nagging little voices in our heads, determines and affects
everything we do, from how we handle our money to how we treat other people.
Join business coach and owner of Life’s 2 Short LLC, Judy Brinkman, for this
important, interactive workshop and learn how to:

*   recognize some of your own negative mindsets and how they might be
holding you back
*   turn those negative thoughts around quickly when you stumble to help
reduce your stress and stay focused
*   adopt a more positive leadership mindset to keep you moving forward
toward your goals
*   become a more responsible leader and role model for your company and
your community