The Burnt Hills – Ballston Lake Business & Professional Association is once again, proud to organize and run the Community Flag Day Parade! It has quickly become one of the premier events of our outstanding school district and citizenship that supports us all! The Parade has become a means of pulling the community together for a few hours of fun and fireworks!

We cannot produce this event without the financial support of the local business community and its residents.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to those who continue to support the Parade and BPA year after year. It is your generosity that powers the Parade and we THANK YOU. If you are a new advertiser, donor, or sponsor……WELCOME! We look forward to your joining our forces in supporting this community event!!

Thank You To Our 2022 Sponsors!

Old Glory

Red, White, & Blue

Stars & Stripes

Spirit of '76

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Minuteman Sponsors

518 Next Level Strength and Conditioning

DeVoe Public Relations

Dr. Gayle Buckley