Mar 2017 General BPA Meeting – Visioning Committee Update

The March 1st, 2017 BH-BL BPA General Meeting was a discussion on the efforts of the BH-BL Visioning Committee. Attendees enjoyed networking with several attendees from the BH-BL Rotary. A wonderful breakfast catered by Mike Maloney/The Charlton Tavern and provided courtesy of Charlie Morris.

See video below of the meeting including a warm welcome from our gracious host, Charlie Morris/Morris Ford.

Hear firsthand the progress of the action teams formed with the goal to provide the community – leadership, focus, expertise, direction and energy to achieve a shared overall vision for the community.

The following is a continuation of the questions and comments portion of the meeting:

Here are the presentation materials sharted at the meeting

BH BL BPA Town Hall Visioning Committee Update slides/presentation by Michael Hale, Chairman of the BH-BL BPA Visioning Committee.
We would love to hear from other BPA members that might be interested in participating in the Visioning Committee to help shape a shared vision of what 0ur community will look like in 20 years.