Burnt-Hills Ballston Lake Central School’s Superintendent speaks about his Flag Day Parade Experience

Thank you Patrick McGrath for writing this letter to the BH-BPA about our Flag Day Parade and your experience there. We sincerely appreciate your words and believe that many felt the same way about the parade! The following is Patrick’s account of the parade day experience as he wrote to us in a letter afterward. 

This is such a busy time of year that it took me a few days to sit down and write this email. (It seems appropriate, however, that I am writing this on June 14!) I just wanted, once again, to thank you personally and on behalf of the school district for an incredible Flag Day Parade you organized and ran so well. It was just great!

I was waiting for my food at Mama’s and I was chatting with a lady who was waiting as well. She was from Colonie and had come up to the parade for the first time because her grandchildren recently moved here. She was absolutely amazed at the depth and richness of the event.

I told her that the best part for me was that as I watched everyone go by, I realized that I have personal connections with such a large number of the individuals in the parade. Many of our employees were marching (or roller-blading), of course, but also friends and parents and families that I have gotten to know through school. People I do business with marched (and drove) by. Many of my son’s classmates marched (and skipped) by, stopping to say “Hi!” to Caleb and wave to me. My wife Denise’s employer (The Old School House) marched by. My daughter Sara’s friends (and her dog groomer) marched by.

Not only did we feel connected with the marchers, we felt connected with the crowd. In the immediate area I was standing were two of our teachers, some family friends, and our new neighbors that just moved in down the road. (This was the first I had a chance to meet them.)

The great thing is, I know my experience is replicated by most attendees. All in all, the parade is a true celebration of an incredible community.

Thank you again, so much, for all you have done to make the parade a reality. Please share our thanks with the full BPA? Also, know that the school district is proud to partner with you and we look to be as helpful as possible in continuing this event as we move into our second century!

With great admiration and appreciation for all that you do,

Patrick M. McGrath Jr., Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central Schools